Animal Nutrition Services

Ration BalancingBreed improvement programmes need to be supported by feeding milch animals a balanced diet to enable them produce milk commensurate with their genetic potential. Normally, the diet comprises locally- available feed, grasses and crop residues – often leading to imbalanced feeding with protein, energy,  mineral and vitamins being either in excess or deficient. This impacts the milk yield and the cost of milk   production.

NDDB has developed a Ration Balancing Programme to balance the diet of milch animals for different    milk production levels, using a simple software with linear programming. Its use will result in optimising  the cost of milk production and producers’ income on a sustainable basis.

NDDB Dairy Services has facilitated the training of Local Resource Persons from villages to advise small producers on ration balancing. In Paayas and Maahi MPC, more than 1700 LRP has been deployed who cover about 2 lakh animals in 3400 vilages for the RBP programme. 

NDDB Dairy Services is also supporting the milk producer companies in the fodder development programmes to ensure that good quality fodder is available throughout the year for the milch animals.