Our Team

The NDDB Dairy Services Team has been drawn from diverse backgrounds- development sector, cooperatives, and private sector; and is committed to creating value for milk producers through their knowledge and experience. Subject matter experts supplement the team as and when required

The team includes professionals from the following major functional areas:

NDS Team

Producer Institution Building: The PIB function helps to create, support and strengthen Milk Producer  Companies which are responsive to the economic expectations and social wellbeing of their members by  catalysing the process of institution building measures encompassing capacity building of the present &  prospective stakeholders & implementing effective governance practices in the Milk Producer Companies

Dairy Value Chain: The DVC function is involved with the three important business functions of a milk  producer company i.e. procurement, processing & marketing of milk and milk products. The team works  closely with the Producer Companies in defining and establishing strong value chain systems and  processes. This value creation encourages dairy enterprises to thrive and, in turn, improve livelihoods of  milk producing farmers and nutrition for the end consumer.

Productivity Enhancement Services: The PES function aims to increase productivity of the dairy animals  in the country by adopting a holistic approach to animal management. To achieve this objective, the PES  group supports the implementation of the following activities- Semen Station management, Animal  Breeding services, Animal Nutrition services, and Diary farm management services.

Quality Assurance: The QA team has expertise in implementing quality systems, strengthening hygienic infrastructure, monitoring product quality and similar other processes and methods for ensuring quality of raw milk & milk products. The QA team also guides the Producer Companies on Food Safety and Standards regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Business Excellence: The BE team is involved in supporting the Producer Companies in standardization & redesign of key processes through adoption of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to achieve improvements in performance and efficiency.

Information Technology: The IT team provided guidance to the Producer Companies in formulating their IT and Communication strategies. The IT team also supports the Producer Company in setting up IT related infrastructure, software applications, designing and implementing an effective IT and communication network.

Legal & Company Secretary: Assists the Producer Companies in obtaining various statutory & regulatory registrations, licenses, approvals, clearance etc required for their operationalization as well for its smooth functioning. Also assists Milk Producer Companies in implementing the process & systems to have good governance.

Human Resource & Training: Assist the Milk Producer Companies in recruiting the best talent at senior level position and help in developing training modules on leadership, competency development.